Who I am...

I am wife to Joe and mom to Demetri, Katja, Atalie and Nathaniel.

Joe and I met while serving as Medics in the U. S. Army and have been married for 14 years now. Our time in the Army took us around the World and across our beautiful country setting a deep love for travel and exploration in our hearts. We are followers of Jesus who call a farm in Ohio our temporary home as we pass through this life. I am a proud Texan and I miss home dearly but I have come to love so many things about my husbands home state of Ohio. I will alway be a Cowboys, Rangers and Longhorn fan but on occasion you can catch me yelling "I-O" in response to someone yelling "O-H". I love summer, sitting by the pool drinking a cold Topo Chico, spending time with my family and gazing upon my horses in the pasture.